Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Storm Troopers & Boston's.... LOVE IT!!!!

i had 2 of my friends send me this photo asking if this was me my husband and my boston..... no, but i wish it was... yes i love storm troopers but sadly i do not dress as one, two i love and own a boston terrier with one blue eye and one brown eye... with white on half his face... but this cutie is not my bowie. and third i don't think i could convince my husband to wear white pants, lol.

so after recieving this photo i was wondering who are these people and where did this photo come from. thankfully a third friend sent me a link to the photo, knowing i would love it..... thanks kerry... and now i know this is a couple that goes by the name of red and johnny. they have a blog and have several pictures posted of them living their lives as troopers. i have pulled a couple of my favorites below, but check them out at redandjonny.tumblr.com. enjoy!!!


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