Friday, September 4, 2009

Guitar Wolf

from years of going to shows i have piled up alot of band photos. by no means am i a professional just have a love for music and like capturing the passion and energy live music has to offer. so i figured i will start posting some of my pics and talk a little bit about each band.

first pics i am going to share are of Guitar Wolf. they are one of the loudest recorded bands to date. They are a japanese "jet" rock n' roll/garage band, heavily influenced by the Ramones and Joan Jett. The singer Seiji (Guitar Wolf) & bass player Billy (Bass Wolf) formed the band in 1987 and in 1991 Toru (Drum Wolf) joined the band. the trio was born creating their heavy guitar and noise(feedback) sound and taking it to the masses.

when i was lucky enough to finally see them in 2005 in Atlanta, Georgia, it was one of the most energetic, loudest most amazing show i have come to see. first off they were traveling with another band from japan called "Electric Eel Shock" who blew us away with their metal riffs and broken english. not to mention the drummer was naked only wearing a 4 foot long sock on his

when it was Guitar Wolfs' turn to take the stage, loud motorcycle noises and smoke filled the stage area with the 3 band members silent and posing for about 5 minutes with Billy taking his comb and slowly combing his hair like he was Brando in The Wild One. then the feedback kicked in and the show was on! Seiji was all over throwing his body every which way screaming out lyrics not always knowing if you are hearing japanese or english but it didn't matter, you were caught up in the energy of the show pumping your first high and giving metal signs through-out the set. Seiji toward the end, ended up on top of the bar playing his guitar like a madman.... then the show was sadly over. we went home in amazement, to this day it is still one of the best shows i have ever seen.

sadly a week after the show after Guitar Wolf returned to japan we recieved the shocking news that Billy (Bass Wolf) had passed of a heart attack at the young age of 38. we relized then we had just seen the last live show Billy would ever play.

since Billy's death Guitar Wolf has found a replacement and kept the music going as Billy would have wanted. So if you see Guitar Wolf coming to invade your town, don't hesitate, GO! you won't regret it. and if you are having a movie night may i suggest watching them in their movie japanese zombie rock n'roll movie, "Wild Zero".

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