Saturday, September 5, 2009

Chewy in a Modern World

the modern nerd cannot survive without a childsize chewy, right? this chewbacca was created by PinkPunk for the Stitch Wars art Exibit at Bear & Bird Gallery, sadly the show has come to an end and many of the pieces have been sent to their new homes. But these super keen pics taken my Amanda Magnetta live on. the one below(chewy on the piano) is available as an 8x10 print in the Bear & Bird Gallery at Tates Comics in Lauderhill, Florida.

Pinkypunk; Chewbacca

Pinkypunk; Chewbacca

Pinkypunk; Chewbacca

chewbacca designed & created by: PinkPunk
photos taken by: Amanda Magnetta

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