Friday, December 17, 2010


tron legecy is finally here.... i will be heading in the next couple of days to see it in IMAX. i had my friend tell me this morning that rotten tomatoes gave it a 48%, and she is expecting this movie to be like the 2009 Star Trek. my expectations are different, i just want to be blown away by the visuals and if disney provides a great story that will just be a bonus. Tron in the 80's was a visual effects masterpiece, stretching the visual boundaries of the time and that's exactly what i expect from this movie.

below are a few great photos of "Tron Guy" for you to enjoy, i wonder how many people dressed up for the opening, i am sure tron guy did..... maybe even slept a few days camping out in front of a theater. enjoy!

(image source:

(image source: laughingsquid)

(image source: MacLane)

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