Monday, October 25, 2010

Napoleón Vuelaenpartes

artist Napoleón Vuelaenpartes. a master of stencil/graffiti art with a heavy influence in skate and punk culture, as well as a lover of star wars. my favorite is the bottom image of the "trooper" created to look like the 80's powell peralta skateboard, also known as the bones image.

when i was little i actually picked this board out for my brother for a christmas present. he still has it.... i just need him to clean out his

(source: flickr napoleonvuelaenpartes)


  1. I'm just discovering Nerd Squared and I've been fondly clicking for a while now. So much goodness! Plus it's stuff I haven't seen everywhere else. You'll definitely be in my rotation now. Keep up the great work!


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