Saturday, October 9, 2010

2010 Disney Star Wars Weekend Posters

i posted awhile back some of the older disney star wars weekend posters
click here for older posters

here are the ones they had for 2010. keep in mind if hitting Disney World this year or the beginning of next year, Star Tours is closed and is being upgraded and changed, due to be finished by later 2011(see the trailer below). the jedi store and jedi academy are still open.

i am a little sad but happy about the change.... when star tours first opened in Disneyland it was my favorite ride, i used to ride it over and over again hoping a wookiee would appear and sit next to me(never happened :( ). it was also where i got faked out by a disney employee.... i was with my friend christine and we were just about to go on the ride when an employee starts yelling at me with disgust on their face, "YOU HAVE POOH ON YOUR SHIRT!!!". guess what i did..... winnie the pooh...

star tours fun fact: Paul Reubens(PeeWee Herman) was the voice of REX the main robot on star tours.

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