Sunday, August 1, 2010


i was enjoying a nice sunday watching tv..... looking through the tv guide i had a heart attach.... on HDNet i saw a music performance that said "Here Come The Mummies".... could it be... hmmm..... i questioned if it could really be The Mummies but knowing they had been reuniting the past couple years, i assumed it was and i would be watching my favorite budget rock band performing in my own living room.

oh was i wrong and pissed.... it was a funk band called "here come the mummies" using the same font and all members dressed in undead mummy wraps..... "RIP OFF"

pictured here are the imposters.... "here come the mummies"

i looked them up and saw that they addressed the issue of the name and similar stage show, stating they were ignorant and never heard of the band when they formed in 2000.... i find this a bunch of baloney. they could have easily done a search on the internet and found them at that time. and i ask the question why they named themselves here come the mummies?... i think it's because clearly they knew of the other band and tried to add a few words to their name in hopes they could get away with it....

pictured here "The Mummies" in true form

now disappointed, i can only hope that the real "The Mummies" will take to the road and come play near Florida. and anyone reading this that will be attending their portland show on the 20th, can you purchase an extra copy of their 45 they are only selling at the show for me. pleeeeeeease!

enjoy this low budget video of "The Mummies"

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