Friday, May 14, 2010

Why didn't anyone keep their heman?

heman experiment

a month back i was in search of a heman (since mine has been long gone, sadly sold at a garage sale). i had an idea to create a fabio-esque romance novel cover with barbie in the arms of heman.

first off no one seemed to still have their heman and JJ with BAM POP had the re-release and was nice enough to snap a shot of him for me to work with. i didn't end up using barbie and came up with this silly pic. i hope you enjoy it....

i have now since purchased a 80's heman and will try a second attempt and try to make it happen with baribie. wish me luck.


  1. I sold off all my MOTU stuff to a younger kid when I felt I was getting "too old" for them (11 maybe?) Even us kids who never outgrew toys saw He-man and his cronies (at the time) as "kid's" stuff. Hanging on to a He-Man would have been like hanging onto your Weebles or your Little People. Big kids were into Transformers and stuff like that.

    I have since re-acquisitioned more original MOTU stuff then I ever had as a kid, starting when they released the commemorative figures in the early 2000s. So I was wrong abut that whole "growing up" BS.

  2. 11 was about the same age as the garage sale i had when i sold all totally makes sense what you said....

    i think the only MOTU figure i managed to keep is orko.... but if i still have it its in a box in my brothers garage. next visit he is on my list to dig out.


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