Thursday, October 8, 2009


a friend just recently picked this up for me at a thrift store. it's a japanese import of Ray Parker Jr. hits which include Ghostbusters theme song. the cover looks a little creepy and i swear the eyes one of the best things about this recod is that it has the lyrics sheet. one side in english and the other in japanese. i like to think that the japanese side has the lyrics translated into japanese but its probably just the basic info on the song.


  1. This is so cool, I love to collect Ghostbuster stuff. I scored an awesome vintage original (over 20 years old) Ghostbuster costume for my 3 year old last year off EBAY, he wore it for Halloween, we made him a proton blaster too.

  2. Thats awesome!! i would love to see pics if you have them posted. I have a friends that has a vacuum that look like a proton pack and its hilarious watching them use it... I have some vintage Ghostbuster cartoon sheets that i am currently turning into mens ties that i will be posting pics of soon..... GO GHOSTBUSTERS!!!!

    i ain't afraid of no ghost!!!lol


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