Wednesday, October 7, 2009

"The Pop Project"

Check out this new blog i am lucky to be a part of, "The Pop Project". My friend Charles of Eclectorama Blog who is the one also responsible for Spockcation put together this blog with a couple of artists whom have a great love for pop culture. The idea behind the blog is at the begining of the month viewers get to vote and choose a theme for the month and each artist then has the rest of the month to create some kind of art piece to post. Its a nice way to see different artist views on one subject. so check it out, vote and enjoy!

this was the first month and we did one of our pop culture influences. I chose Disney. Here is the piece i did called, A Tightrope Between Imagination & Reality. but go and visit the site and read about it and check out the others, they are really wonderful artists. AND DON'T FORGET TO VOTE ON THE NEXT THEME!!!!!


  1. This is great. We love the old Disney artwork, Mary Blair and all...... You need to stop by this weekend, we have a ton of new stuff, including a great Danish modern stereo cabinet.

  2. yes.... yeah disney and mary blair!!!! & i will totally swing by, you guys are awesome.


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