Saturday, October 17, 2009

Dashboard Confessional

these are a few photos i took at Dashboard Confessional at Pompano Amphitheatre 2003. the show was pretty crazy. it amazed me how much Chris Carrabba's songs related to his audience. they knew every word to every song. it was so surreal, usually you goto a show and everyone knows the hits but the crowd is always silent during the non-hits..... not at his show, i felt as though i was around a campfire with everyone singing along to songs that had been passed down for generations and the hole audience feeling like a big family.

i was really excited to be at the show not only to hear the band but because i had two shirt designs on this tour. it was awesome to know that so many people would possibly be purchasing my designs. the two i did where pretty simple but according to chris and the merch guy they were the 2 best sellers(one was actually sold out at this show) they were probably just saying that to be nice, who knows. i was still honored to have the designs on the tour.

Dashboard Confessional 2003

Dashboard Confessional 2003

Dashboard Confessional 2003

Dashboard Confessional 2003

one of the shirt's i did is #3 in this photo. (p.s. if anyone reading this has this shirt or the shirt with a girl kissing a yellow canary could you snap a shot of yourself in it and send it to me, that would be awesome. thanks in advance.)
also sorry if these seem a little blurry they are actually really clear my scanner just doesn't seem to like photos on matte photo paper)

i have a few more pics from this show on my flickr:

i do have some other pics from 2 other dashboard shows that i will be posting at a later date. i have had to do some digging for them since my computer two years ago was stolen and unfortunatly my back-up was taken too so i only have a couple of the pics floating around somewhere on a cd.

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