Thursday, September 17, 2009

Recycled Record Boxes!!!

here is the super awesomest' thing ever! (ok maybe not ever but its up there) i was looking at a friends flickr, Miss Lili Chin and she had a record box made for a friend from Artyfakt on etsy. you know those awesome 50's record boxes you are always in search for to store those special records.... look no further check out Artyfakt she recycles record sleaves and makes your very own custom record box. so if you have an extra copy of your favorite record laying around, get your own case made or she has some already available. she makes them in a 10" size, 7" size and even a cd case size... i am so excited. i am posting up a few ppictures but they are mostly of ones that have sold cuz they are so awesome. enjoy!

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