Wednesday, August 26, 2009

One Line Drawing!!

"One Line Drawing", this a is one of the many incarnations of Jonah Matranga (other bands include Far, New End Originals, Gratitude). Check any of his bands out they are all awesome and he is one of the most genuine musical artists, really down to earth, give him all the support you can...

For all you Star Wars lovers out there it will make you giggle to know that "One Line Drawing" is just Jonah and an R2 unit that plugs into his amps and provides all the beats. I was lucky enough to see him and R2 twice and just last week they reunited playing 3 shows at the Knitting Factory in California. If you were lucky enough to get to be there... I hate you! ;)

I found this clip in myspace videos. Enjoy!

later this week i will try to dig out some of my pics of One Line Drawing & post them

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