Sunday, August 23, 2009

It's not a doll, IT'S AN ACTION FIGURE!!!!

ok i have some new pics coming for my series "It's not a doll, IT'S AN ACTION FIGURE!!!!" i fell a little behind this week but hear are the next upcoming toys that will be part of the photo series. you may be asking why are Spock's pants off...... he has a broken leg and i am putting together a nice pirate style peg leg for him. to anyone reading this if you have any fun ideas for a costume for Spock please leave a comment. as of right now alot of my friends are suggesting pirate.... let me know what you think.


  1. I tease my Mego loving friends that their toys are dollies. The question once came up as to where the dollie/action figure "line" is - my response was that if removing their pants is a major component of their playability, they are a doll. ;)

  2. LOL.... that is a good point... i will be playing "dress-up" with spock since i am given him a new leg... maybe i will have to make his photo be him having a tea.... lol any suggestions for his new outfit?

  3. HEy Anna,

    I know where you can get replacement pins for the leg! As far as costumes lumber jack, shark attack victim, you could build him a bionic leg, how about some shorts and a hawaiian shirt and a tiki wood leg!

  4. lol.... the tiki wooden leg sounds amazing.... i think i am totally going to wittle him a tiki leg. (i will keep his broken leg then and maybe get that info from ya to get the pin for after his photoshoot.)


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