Saturday, August 1, 2009

It's not a doll, IT'S AN ACTION FIGURE!!!!

I got inspired to start this blog by playing host to Spock on his "Spockcation". Charles at Eclectorama had this awesome idea to send Spock all over the country to enjoy a nice vacation & learn about us earth folk. I took him to this tiki polynesian bash here in South Florida called "The Hukilau" & Tates Comics. Here are a few pics from his visit (if you wanna see all his pics check out my flickr). If you would like to play host to Mr. Spock drop Eclectorama a line.

This is my favorite photo of the bunch. It's Mr. Spock with Daddy-o from the band The Los Straitjackets. If you haven't heard of them Check'm out, they are out of this world. They are a modern surf band playing homage to bands like the ventures. They plays all their tunes wearing lucha libre masks and speaking high speed spanish in between songs, its good fun.

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