Thursday, October 15, 2009


I had posted awhile back that PeeWee was returning to do some live shows and i got tickets for the second night. i was sooooo stoked, i had been waiting for this for years and it just so happened that it fell on the week before i was getting married when i would be in Cali... so it was to be the most amazing wedding week ever... PeeWee, Disneyland, and getting married by Elvez.

i received some sad news in my e-mail last week. and it just so happen to fall on my birthday. the sad news is they moved the venue for the "PeeWee Herman Live Show" and in doing that changed the dates and i had to forfit my tickets and can no longer attend.... DAMN YOU PEEWEE!!!

so i staged this photo to show my dissappointment. i am the little batgirl (and a tear is running down my face) while PeeWee stomps on my birthday cake. enjoy!

PS. Pee-Wee I still love you just sad I can't see you live.

PeeWee NOOOOOO!!!!!!!

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